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Growth Advisors.

About Us

We are well-rounded technologists and strategists with significant advisory, startup and management experience across multiple industries in different countries. We specialise in turning connections into opportunities.

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Capital Raising
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New Zealand is an excellent destination for starting a business, especially in the tech and SaaS sectors, demonstrated by the success of companies like Xero, Seequent, Vend,  PowerbyProxi, Fingermark, SilverStripe, Animation Research, EzyVet, Timely and others that often attract global attention and acquisitions.

New Zealand Landing Pad

Our Investments

NZBP has begun investing in businesses that align with causes and technologies we believe will change the world for the better. The first of these is Loffty which is a business solving one of the biggest global challenges in the world today, namely, mental health and wellbeing.  

Loffty is the world’s most comprehensive online mental health and wellbeing assessment and marketplace. Users complete an online assessment and immediately receive a Loffty report which includes personalised recommendations to a range of information, digital wellbeing solutions and mental health specialists. 

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