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NZ Landing Pad

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New Zealand is a great place to test your product or service before launching globally. If you want to use New Zealand as a test market, or if you are just looking to enter the New Zealand market, we can help make that happen.


But first.....

Why New Zealand?

  • Ideal Test Market: The country's size and tech-savvy population make it an ideal test market for startups, allowing for effective pilot testing of new technologies and business models before global rollout.

  • Robust Digital Infrastructure: New Zealand boasts a highly advanced internet infrastructure, essential for SaaS and tech businesses, ensuring high connectivity and technological readiness.

  • Convenient Time Zone: New Zealand’s time zone enables a perfect bridging between APAC and North America and provides an overnight turn-around for European businesses setting up here.

  • Stable Economy: The economic stability, coupled with low levels of corruption and high ease of doing business, make it a safe and attractive environment.

  • Lifestyle Appeal: The quality of life in New Zealand is highly attractive.

  • Supportive Migration Policies: For those considering moving to New Zealand, there are favorable immigration policies for investors and entrepreneurs.

Whether you are looking to start a new venture or expand into a new market, our Landing Pad service will help you connect to the New Zealand ecosystem and set you up for success.

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